By Ellen E. Murphy

Lady Jane Becomes a Detective

Book 1

Charming girl Lady Jane has loved Lord Jonathan Baden since she was six years old. Now she is worried, for he has disappeared and someone may be trying to kill him to steal his estates.

Lady Jane’s Tales of Justice and Love

Book 2

Our heroine Lady Jane Morton Baden is again on the hunt! She is working her magic to catch criminals, charm the high court judge and solve problems.

The Mystery of Lady Jane’s Brother

Book 3

Our Lady Jane’s brother is in trouble! Things are not good with parliament! Will she work her magic to save him?

Lady Jane Helps Benjamin Thompson

Book 4

Our Lady Jane intends to help Benjamin with the finding of dead bodies, but Lady Jane will find SHE is the one who needs help!

The Waif

For a young girl raised in very conservative style, the fact that she would meet anyone, who would take an interest in her being a part of a notable family was a far stretch of the imagination. However, she was a unique person. Her understanding of people and her caring nature would prove to be of great importance to her throughout her early years. Things she would learn as the result of several unfortunate events in her life, would prove to provide a most unusual outcome for one so raised. While her parents had provided a good home base and education, life would throw her some very hard experiences – but the outcome, when at death’s door, might just be the most unusual of all!

The Glass Castle

Elizabeth Masters was fortunate that she was affluent but she always wanted to do something with her wealth to help others. From the time she was small she had planned to educate less fortunate. However her good intentions would create a serious problem. It might even get her killed!

The Very Important Valentine

People can succeed in life if they just work harder and try to help others. Often the people that do so are also rewarded by meeting someone who will be important to them – maybe forever!

The Valentine Continues

Sue and Tom are back again for the reader. They are experiencing many of the problems of careers, school, success, life, and sickness at home. Go with them as they try to find their way.

The Snow Goose and Other Tales

Three tales of survival and the struggles experienced during the Civil War in the Winchester area of Virginia – love, work, and determination abide. This is volume one of several books on Civil War experiences.

The Lost and the Found

Tales of the Civil War in Virginia and how love and respect can help overcome adversity.

The Survivors

US Civil War – The Survivors describes three war weary men and how they adjust to the end of the Civil War.

“A lot of research in the time period and life style of the characters. An enjoyable book”
M. H.

“Wonderfully well written fiction and you can’t put it down once you start reading… Excellent author with many books that are amazing.”

Stacey U.

“I have loved this series thus far. Cannot wait for the next book! I loaned them to my neighbor. She read them and has asked for next in series. This is a great author, well written. Fabulous!”

Dona D.

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