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Born in 1940 just before the start of WWII – but I don’t accept any responsibility for it. I graduated from high school in 1958, worked for banks in Virginia and South Carolina (while my husband was at Fort Jackson), then achieved two AA degrees: Accounting and Business Management. Next I took UVA and state sponsored classes in all phases of property assessment and the managing of a public office. I also taught such classes to others, while being the elected Commissioner of the Revenue for Frederick County, VA. I finally “hung it up” from work outside my home, retiring as Commissioner after 25 years in 2019.

I married the love of my life, Alfred, in 1961 and we have two beautiful and smart daughters – Suzanne and Katherine. They have blessed me with six grandchildren, too. After the trauma of Al passing in 2017, I retired from public service in 2019 – I just couldn’t do it without his support. Adjustment to the loss of Al still haunts me – but I try to be tough. I sincerely wish everyone out there a life-long love and companionship such as I was privileged to enjoy.

I have never been out of work from 1951 (yes I was not eleven yet when I started sorting metal printing press type pieces) to 2019. I do not consider writing as “work”, although it often sees me in the middle of the night typing away on my computer. What a wonderful experience! I enjoy the stories, the response from readers, and the historical research involved. I have had excellent help in getting my stories out of my house and into the public by Jay Foreman, a writing professional and I am privileged to call him a friend.

My writing has included various novels about life in England and the United States from the early 1800’s to years after the end of the Civil War. Many including and based on information from my family’s letters and stories regarding relatives who survived that trauma. Also, lately my writings have ventured into the realm of amusing stories about modern children as they explore such things as helping a neighbor, dealing with a bully, and Christmas adventures. Similar to stories I once told to my children.

Nothing would please me more than for YOU to enjoy my writings!

Ellen E. Murphy

“Wonderfully well written fiction and you can’t put it down once you start reading… Excellent author with many books that are amazing.”

Stacey U.

“I have loved this series thus far. Cannot wait for the next book! I loaned them to my neighbor. She read them and has asked for next in series. This is a great author, well written. Fabulous!”

Dona D.
“A lot of research in the time period and life style of the characters. An enjoyable book”
M. H.

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